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The Dez Bryant Dilemma


I don’t know about you, but I’m running out of excuses for Dez Bryant.

Dez is an incredible talent. In another year or two, it wouldn’t surprise me if he were regularly battling the likes of Calvin Johnson to be called the best wide receiver in the league.

Dez BryantAnd that’s part of the problem, at least for me. I’m known as the resident Dez Bryant apologist on this site. His talent has blinded a lot of people, myself included, into making excuse after excuse for his behavior off the field.

The incident with Lil Wayne’s group in Miami this weekend could end up being the final straw for a lot of fans.

Before this, Dez’s issues were all self-inflicted – stuff like lying to the NCAA, not paying back debts or getting kicked out of a mall for sagging pants. Let’s not pretend like he has a history of hardcore criminal behavior.

This latest spat, however, was more than those other incidents. According to Black Sports Online, Dez was detained by police, but he was released because the other person involved didn’t want to press charges.

Fans of the Dallas Cowboys are used to this behavior from wide receivers, but they’re also sick of it. We put up with a lot from Michael Irvin, for example. Irvin seemed to consistently be in trouble with the law. But he was the undisputed emotional leader on a team full of superstars and produced at a level that landed him in the Hall of Fame. Even Terrell Owens was accepted in Dallas, for a while at least. TO was a major headache, but had some of the most productive years on the field of any receiver in Cowboys’ history. He’ll also be in the Hall of Fame one day. Meanwhile, Dez has one 100-yard game in his two-year NFL career. So the tolerance is simply not there for a guy who has yet to produce anywhere close to his potential on the field for a team that is not winning.

Unfortunately for the Cowboys, there’s not much more they can do with Dez other than hope he gets it together. They would never release someone with his potential, and they can’t trade him because his stock has never been lower.

I personally hope Dez turns it around. I wish I could say I think that will happen.


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